Roses and Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day and roses go hand in hand. Use this day as a reminder to prune your roses.

My first rose pruning experience:

While studying horticulture, the class had many hands on assignments. One was to go to a residence in San Ramon and prune what seemed to be 100 rose bushes.

The instructor was vigilant as he watched each of us and each cut we made.

"Bridget," he said, "you must cut that much closer and leave only 4 -5 canes. Do not be afraid of cutting the rose too much. Clean every small dead zone to the quick and remove any debris around the plant."

It was very scary cutting the plant down so close to the ground. Recalling pruning class where the rule was basic 15% cut followed by food and water, I couldn't wrap my mind around this. But cut I did. Sharp pruners and lopers, both short and long, clean 45 cut
angles to open the rose to allow for maximum sun and disease prevention, little nips and big cuts here and there.

Well, I did get an A in the class and also learned that roses are just amazing. Perhaps that is why they hold such significance on the day of the heart, "Valentine's Day".

Of all the designs I have made, my beautiful teal garden dress reminds me of Valentine's Day, looking beautiful in the garden with your roses. If you are looking for a Valentine's gift, this "whispering grass" certified organic dress is a must have. Comfort, large pockets, cell pocket, non-roll waist and fabulous soft flow with button front .. make for a very nice gardening day. Give a gift that will last until next Valentine's Day .. and the next .. free shipping and excellent quality and pricing.

Happy Valentine's Day Dear Friends, Bridget


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